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Service Agreement



“Housekeeper”Means the person named overleaf
“The client”Means the person to whom cleaning services are being provided by the housekeeper
“The company”Means Maids In Waiting Ltd
“She” and “her”Means the housekeeper. Gender is neutral “she and her” will be used for convenience only.
“Start date”The date cleaning will commence

The housekeeper agrees:

1.To meet with any client accepted by her for a familiarity tour and instructions at the mutually agreed time arranged by the company.

2.To inform the company immediately if suddenly unable to attend the familiarity tour.

3.To contact the company as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours after meeting the client with start date and hours of agreed cleaning services.

4.To inform the company within 24 hours of any breakages.

5.That in the event of a sudden emergency causing a loss of service to the client at short notice, to immediately and without reasonable exception contact the client and the company.

6.To give to the client and the company a minimum of two weeks notice of any holidays or other foreseeable causes of a break in cleaning services.

7.To give to the client and the company a minimum of two weeks notice of intention to withdraw services. A confirmation of notice letter will be issued within two working days by the company as proof that notice was given.

8.That during the two week notice period she will provide a cleaning service of at least previously established standards for that client and positive proof of any extenuating circumstances including illness that causes a break in cleaning services.

9.That any keys held will be returned immediately on completion of last clean.

10.That in the event of non compliance with conditions 5, 6 and 7 she will pay to the company a sum equal to 2.50 per hour for each hour of agreed cleaning services not fulfilled or 8 not fulfilled to previous standards.

11.Not to provide cleaning services within 12 months of terminating your registration to any clients or previous clients of the company without first paying to the company a sum equal to one years service charge paid by the client to the company.

12.That Tax or National Insurance Contributions (where applicable) are the responsibility of the house keeper.

13.To make a security entry and exit call to our security agency (numbers provided)
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